#ItemsItemsDescription of Goods

Cotton Ball- 0,2g/pc, 500pcs/bag .
- 100g/bag.

Gauze bandage

Absorbent Dental Roll
- 100% Cotton
- Size: 3 (40mmLx12mmD)


50pcs Dental Diamond BursFeatures:
1, Hard, wear-resistant
2, Cannot afford sand
3, The same type of bur color speciation of the unified
4, Model is complete
5, 5 per edition
6, Aluminum foils packing, easy to use and health
7, Use multi-layer imported diamond plating process
TF means Taper Flat End TR means Taper Round End
TC means Taper Conical End FO means Flame Ogival End
SF means Straight Flat End SO means straight Ogival End
EX means SPecial shape BR means ball Round.
BC means Ball collar Type DI means Double Inverted Cone.
SI means Single inverted Cone WR means wheel Round Edge
CR means inlay preparation CD means Childern's dentistry.
S means short shank SS means super short shank

Blood collection Tubes

1) tube size: 13×75 mm.
2) tube material: glass.
3) 100 PCS

20pcs/box 80strips/pcs pH 1-14 Universal Indicator paper,
different specification special indicator test paper.
Product features:
Standard color card.
High quality pH paper.
Moisture proof packing.

water quality test.
comestics test.
amniotic fluid test.
fruit and vegetable detection.
urine examination

Quality 24 pcs Vacuum cupping set thickening magnetic therapy cupping tank pull out vacuum apparatus.Brand Name: zhongyantaihe
Application: Body
Material: Composite Material
Size: Multi Size SML
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Model 570310
Conventional lighting. Lightweight and robust, this otoscope is perfect for ENT auscultations especially on the move. The XHL lamp diffuses a concentrated and homogenous light beam (optional LED lamp available). Fit with an ABS and Brass head, SMARTLIGHT also comes with end clamp and built-in switch, LR6 AA batteries included.

Jet.TorchThis match is the same as other functions as a lighter, which makes it a little different, this match type Jet Torch that can be used as a tool to welding or melting metal or other hard objects.

This type of match is often used by dentist makers / repairmen, eyewear makers, gold and silver jewelers, because the resulting fire gushes like a Las flame and can be locked by sliding the button next to keep spraying without pressing the lighter button.

And the type of fire besides welding can be changed to ordinary fire like a candle by sliding the top button.

* Material: metal coated with plastic on the handle.
* Type of fire: Las and ordinary (replaceable).
* Dimensions: height 15cm x width 7.5cm x thickness 3cm.
* Color: black handle, silver body.

1)Size of thermometer:length 120+8mm and-5mm,width 12±0.4mm
2)Measuring range:35°C--42°C or 94°F--108°F 3)Material:mercury
4)Accurate:37°C+0.10°C and -0.15°C,41°C+0.10°C and -0.15°C
Packaging:Plastic single case
12Scan- Designed to give you some peace of mind when your child comes down with a fever, the ET-100B Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology has all the features you could ever want in a thermometer.
Used by more doctors' offices than any other infrared thermometer brand, the Thermoscan features a pre-warmed tip that improves accuracy, a unique guidance system that ensures precise results, and infrared technology that takes your child's temperature in seconds.

- Measuring range: 34.0°C~44.0°C (93.2°F~111.2°F).
Auto shut-off in one min after nonuse.
Safe and Hygienic, Easy-clean, Cover Free Design.
Display: easy-to-read, Three-digit LCD.
Degree C and Degree F can be switchable.
13MERCUREXMERCUREX® metal box frame is constructed in powdered aluminum, equipped with one-piece mercury holder.
The mercury tank has safety tap (open/close) which ensures no mercury leaks between the tube and the tank when in mobile condition or in use, markings can be read easily from any angle.
The cuff is composed of washable nylon fabric at 30-40°C, has velcro fastener used only for adult, calibrated cuff (size range/artery/index markings) enables exact positioning to arm circumference. Besides having bladder, it uses dual tube technology for ideal linear inflation and deflation, PVC bladder is highly resistant which is adjusted to the arm circumference for precise results, standard model has inflation bulb designed with volume and shape for any handling, air release valve can control accurate and constant deflation.