#ImageItemsDescription of Goods
1BRAT Implant Express Surgical Kitcontains:
-Surgical drill
-Drill Stops
-Torque Wrench
All in a convenient AUTOCLAVABLE CASE
2ImplantsAdvantages of the system :
Usable in all clinical cases
Double lead threads
High primary stability, also in Type IV bone
Bone-condensing property
Self-drilling and self-cutting
Redirecting capability for optimal placement
Built-in platform switching
Minimally invasive surgery
Immediate function capability
Single restorative / prosthetic platform for easy restorations

Ultra safe packaging
Implant Express is delivered in a safe packaging. The implant is protected by a double sterile barrier, the first one is a inner tube which holds the implant thanks to its silicon joint, the whole is thermo sealed in a blister. All the informations about the tracability are available from the initial packaging to the blister