About NHEG

NHEG Medical Co. Limited was established in Khartoum in November 2014, It is a global procurement specialist offering unique expertise that spans multiple industries Specialized in various sectors, in the field of medical services, medical & dental equipment and solutions.. Its aim is partnering and working with businesses to support their growth.

Our approach involves key stakeholders throughout the process, We believe that every company can differentiate and our solutions are different as well. Our global, integrated approach combines insight and innovation from multiple international suppliers with business and industry knowledge to help our clients excel anywhere in the Sudan.

Mission Statement
NHEG Medical Co Limited is dedicated to enhanced medical services and bringing reliable innovative solutions
NHEG Medical Co.’s vision is for a healthy, compassionate, vibrant higher Education, Research & Medical care. Our mission is therefore to provide equipment; instruments and material to ensure the Medical field and Research have practical tools for accomplishing those visionary ends. We do this work by convening, engaging, mobilizing and supporting the three fields, to ensure we all have the means to make our mission a success.
Our mission is to drive measurable, predictable, and sustainable results and solutions for our clients by providing tools, instruments and technology, applying our proven methodologies in aftermarket services and customer experience management.

• We offer a comprehensive line of innovative, top quality medical products.
• We position ourselves in a clear, powerful, and memorable way in marketplace.
• We have an organization with a unique team and spirit that makes people eager to join us or do business with us.
• Also, we aim to provide fair and rewarding career to our employees and,
• AIM to fulfill our commitment to company’s social responsibility.

NHEG Medical Co Limited intends to provide our customers with the best product experience with the following key elements:

• Provide latest technologies equipment, tools and instruments in Educational, Research and Medical Fields
• Offers the highest standards of European Technologies & expertise
• Experienced and knowledgeable logistics and highly qualified team of specialist with diverse skills
• Prompt response and fast delivery arrangement
• Great support with after sales services
• Bring a complete range of services to meet the needs to all hospitals departments, Medical Laboratories, Medical
• Colleges and related Laboratories.

Our Commitment
• To provide latest technologies equipment, tools, spare parts and instruments in Medical, Educational and Research fields.
• To provide seasoned account representatives and ongoing support.
• Experienced knowledgeable logistics and highly qualified team of specialists with diverse skills.
• Prompt response and fast delivery arrangements.
• Bring a complete range of services to meet the needs to all hospital departments, Medical Laboratories, Medical Colleges and related Research projects.

Products & Trade
The followings are the trading aspects offered by NHEG Medical Co. to its clients:

– Medical equipment:
Supply our clients with medical equipment and instruments for hospitals and clinics.

– Laboratory equipment:
Supply our clients with laboratory requirements including laboratory equipment, instruments, lab materials, lab consumables and laboratory test. Our clients could be education providers like schools, colleges and universities, or medical service providers like clinics, medical centers and hospitals.

– Dentistry Clinics:
NHEG Medical Co Limited furnish dentistry clinics with dentistry equipment including dental chairs, instruments and consumable materials

After Sale Service
All products that we sell are subject with after sale care. This is provided by our technicians that are well trained by our European Partners & suppliers. We also guarantee spare parts and offer continuous maintenance.

Technical Service
Technical service from NHEG medical Co Ltd and W&H means faultless care, professional support and first-rate expertise. In order to be able to provide you with all of this, we make a careful selection of service partners, who are passionate about customer care.

What you can do to enjoy the quality of W&H products for a long period of time: use the tips & tricks for the hygiene of your W&H product.

Advantages at a glance

– Optimally trained technicians
– Use of genuine spare parts
– Professional care
– Total commitment to offer the highest level of technical service